*Buddah & Max Gangstas. (New Year 2002-2003)
  *Boris Malishev chillin` on the table. =) (Graduation)
  *Nigga drunk. (New Year 2002-2003)
  *Nurgun drunk to shit. (New Year 2002-2003)
  *On LG, Buddah. (?)
  *On LG, Dirik. (?)
  *Everybody drink...juice =)
  *Alex Petr & Tuyara Alex.
  *Andrey Sleptsov aka Dirik.
  *Abdurrahman Birthday.
  *Us in class.
  *On sofa in library.
  *Sleeping on sofa.
  *Gust being f**ked in dormitory.=)
  *Narcs is corridor.
  *Kara Koch.
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