[Updates History:]
  *More code optimization is done on main & photos pages.[05/10/03]
  *Major changes. Interface is now more tidy and friendly to user. Codename "Balthasar".[03/10/03]
  *Optimized code & links changes made in photos section.[01/10/03]
  *Changed links view. (Now they change color when you scroll mouse over them)(No changes made in photos section)[30/09/03]
  *Major changes. Main menu changed. Very little loading time.[30/09/03]
  *More cosmetic fixes. (From this point I start to rewrite the code, for it became very complex. (Report bugs)[30/09/03]
  *Optimized code & several cosmetic fixes.[29/09/03]
  *Several cosmetic & grammatic fixes.
  *9 more photos added.
  *A photos section added.
  *New menu.
  *Fixed a bug with links. (Now all links are workable)
  *Completely new interface!!!
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